Portugal Residency

Portugal is one of the developed countries

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About the Portugal

Located in southwestern Europe, Portugal is one of the developed countries which is a member of EU since 1986. Lisbon is the capital and Portuguese is the official language. Having 10.5 million population, Roman Catholic is the dominant religion in Portugal and euro is the national currency. In terms of climate, Portugal enjoys Mediterranean climate which results in mild winters and temperate summers.

Philanthropic Portugal provides a wide variety of facilities for its citizens which will make a high standard of living for them.


Portugal Residency through D7 Visa

This visa is available for retirees and living off incomes.

How can you apply for D7 visa?


  • The applicant must be in his/her home country to apply
  • The applicant must possess the minimum amount of fund to live in Portugal
  • If the applicant aims to obtain a work permit, he/she must present the employment contract in Portugal.

Who can apply?

  • Foreign retirees with pensions
  • Foreign citizens having income in movable assets
  • Foreign citizens having income from real state rentals
  • Foreign citizens having income from intellectual properties
  • Foreign citizens having income from bank savings and monetary investments


How long is the validity of a D7 Visa?

The Portugal immigration visas are usually valid for 4 months and the embassy of Portugal is in charge of visa issuance. As soon as the applicant’s arrival, he/she should apply for a residence permit. The validity of this permit is one year.

By the end of the first year, the applicant can extend it for another 4 years. After 5 years of legal residency, the applicant will be eligible to apply for another 5 years residency and by the end of the 6th year, he/she can apply for Portuguese passport and gain the citizenship. It have to be mentioned that this type of residency is also possible for spouse and children under 18.


Holder of a D7 visa can use these facilities:

  • Schooling
  • Employment as a contracted worker
  • Employment as an independent professional
  • Participating in didactic and social security training courses
  • Access to courts and getting support of the law


What are the sources of subsistence?

  • Retiree Pensions (with proving evidence)
  • Real state rentals (with proving evidence)
  • Bank deposits in and out of the country
  • Received salaries and benefits (with proving evidence)
  • Proof of having a company that generates revenue (certificate of establishment, statute, etc.)

To prove your subsistence you have to provide valid documents and evidences. These documents can be a combination of followed items:

  • Bank certificates or bills for the last 3 months containing the name and other specifications of account owner. In addition, traveler’s cheque, international credit cards, investment reports, asset incomes and scientific and intellectual asset incomes can be considered too.
  • Retirement certificate
  • Tax declaration for last financial year or proof of economic activity and sufficient income during the last financial year
  • If you are not able to provide a proof for your subsistence, you have to fill out a warranty in Portugal. The guarantor should be a citizen or permanent resident in Portugal who can afford your housing and financial support for at least one year.


Applicant’s family visa

There are some conditions to be met to obtain visa for applicant’s family members:

  • Evidence of housing security
  • proof of subsistence to support family
  • proof documents for family relations
  • family member’s travel documents

All retirees who can prove that they are able to afford their live costs in Portugal for 12 months can apply for retiree residency. For this type of residence, applicant has to prove that his/her monthly income equals to 1200 Euro which is the minimum wage in the country. This amount will increase within 50% if spouse or other adults accompany the applicant. In the case of children under 18, the increasing amount will be 30% for each one.

Necessary Documents:

  • A filled out application form for Portugal log-term Schengen visa
  • Two pictures
  • A valid passport and the image of all previous visas
  • The original and official translation of birth certificate and national card
  • Official translation of Retirement order
  • Official translation of pension increase order
  • Official translation of pension receipt
  • Official translation of insurance record
  • Official translation of tax documents
  • Personal statement on the duration and place of residence
  • Personal statement about the awareness about the ban on entry to Portugal without the visa
  • Criminal record check certificate (a 90 days minimum validation)
  • Review request’s power of attorney for criminal record check certificate by SEF
  • International health insurance
  • Documents for residence in Portugal. In the first stage it can be a hotel reservation or invitation letter from hosts in Portugal
  • Documents representing financial funds. Please be noted the more powerful financial evidences will result in the higher chance of getting the visa.


Portugal Residency through Real Estate investment

Foreigners can obtain Portugal residency through these ways:

  • Real estate investment by the amount of 500 thousand euros
  • Purchasing Real states over 30 years old or purchasing real states in new town areas at a total price of 350 thousand euros

As you purchase a real estate, you will be able to obtain Portugal residency within the 6 months. This visa is convertible to two years temporary residency right which can be extended for another 2 years. The applicant will be able to obtain permanent residency after 5 years and by the end of the 6th year, he/she can apply for Portuguese passport and gain the citizenship.

Some benefits about real estate purchase and investment:

  • You can obtain permanent residency after 5 years
  • You can gain citizenship after 6 years
  • You can go out of the country under no limitations without having Portugal permanent residency.


  • It doesn’t need any language certificate
  • Portugal is one of the best countries in the world
  • The possibility of taking permanent residency.

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