Land of the living skies , is flat, fertile and beautiful

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About Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan, land of the living skies , is flat, fertile and beautiful province which is considered as most important region of agriculture business in Canada for its vast farming land. Affordable land price  ,modern equipment establish best condition for agricultural products and comfortable life. Major  revenue in this province is agriculture. The famous provincial motto: “From Many People Strength” is sign of people’s hospitality and accepting new immigrant in their own people. Regina is capital city and Saskatoon is the biggest one Regina is most important cultural city and most of people there are German descent and hardly can say people in this place  are pure Canadian.

Tourist attraction:

  • Royal Saskatchewan Museum
  • Saskatchewan Science Centre
  • MacKenzie Art Gallery
  • Co-Cathedral
  • Mennonite Church

Eligibility for Applicant

  • Minimum approvable net asset value of $500,000 CDN .
  • Minimum 3 years of entrepreneurship experience or management experience in relevant field.
  • %80 of net asset should have been gained through legitimate means which must approved by related ministry.
  • Minimum investment of $300,000 CDN in Regina or $200,000 CDN in other region of Saskatchewan.
  • Must have at least one-third of a business in Saskatchewan unless their total investment is $1,000,000 CAD or more;
  • At least two jobs must created for Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents in Saskatchewan (not their relatives) if establishing a new business in cities of Saskatoon or Regina;
  • Must have a business plan which will be written by Odyssey company.


1- Does this method have interview?

Yes. It could be in-person or online interview.

2- Am I be able to take my family to Canada as well?

Yes. It covers spouse as well as children under 22.

3- How does age factor in this method?

There is no limitation but referring to the score table, age has its own score.

4- What type of visa will be issued for applicant?

At the beginning two-year working visa and after investment it will convert to permanent residency.

5-Does the applicant have to live in Saskatchewan?

Yes, because the applicant has to manage his or her own business there.

6-What kind of Language certificate must be presented?

IELTS certificate with minimum band score of 5 for each skill.

7-Does each family member need to have IELTS exam?


8-How much is the deposit in this method?

There is no deposit in this method/

9-Does it need management experience?

Yes. At least three years.

10-Does this method have exploratory visa?

Yes, but it is not mandatory.



  • There is no age limitation.
  • Issuing Working visa without any deposit.
  • Possibility of converting work visa to permanent residency six month right after investment.
  • Obtaining residency for family member and children under 22

How to apply

How to apply

Stage 1:

Consulting with Odyssey consultant at no charge.

Stage 2:

Business plan and the other client’s document will be registered in processing department.

Stage 3:

Those applicants’ score more than 80 will be selected from waiting list. At this time, applicant has 3 months to complete all the necessary documents. It is worth mentioning that applicant’s asset must verified by an organization which is approved by this province.

Stage 4:

Applicant must apply for tourist visa which will be done by Odyssey company according to applicant’s contract.

Stage 5:

Applicant’s documents will be reviewed by immigration department of the province, then they arrange an online interview in which Odyssey’s consultants will prepare the client for interview.

Stage 6:

In case of success in interview, two-year working visa for applicant and his/her family.

Stage 7:

Applicant has only maximum 18 month from the date of provincial approval letter to enter the province and 6 month to conduct business from the date of entry. In case of meeting above requirements, applicant’s permanency will be issued after 6-8 months.


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