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About Prince Edward (Closed Now)

Prince Edward Island welcomes the newcomers who are interested in enjoying living opportunities in the smallest province in Canada.

Prince Edward is an island located in Saint Lawrence Bay. This province was discovered by Jacques Cartier in 1534 and became a part of Canada in 1873. This island is known for its moderate weather. Prince Edward is restricted to Nova Scotia province from the east and to New Brunswick from west and southwest.

Prince Edward Provincial Immigration Program was introduced in 2001. Since then, numerous managers and business owners have come to Prince Edward to invest in entrepreneurial businesses.

Eligibility for Applicant

·        Must be between the ages of 21 and 59

·        Having high school diploma and above

·        Having net asset of $600,000 which must be legitimate

·        Filling all necessary applications

·        Minimum IELTS 4

·        Having business proposal and business plan ready at the time of applying in which states the minimum of $150,000 net asset.

·        Applicant must deposit $200,000 to this province for conducting $150,000 business which is not refundable under any condition.

·        Applicant will receive $25,000 after first 6 months living in Prince Edward.

·        Applicant will receive $25,000 after the second 6 months living in Prince Edward.

·        Applicant will receive $150,000 after investment in Prince Edward.


1-What kind of visa can I get through this province?

You will get Permanent Residency of Canada

2-Does it have age limit?

Yes. You must be between 21 and 59 and minimum high school diploma

3-Do I need work experience?

Yes. You must have minimum 3 years of business management.

4-How much should be my net asset?

Minimum $600,000

5-Do I need to deposit some amount?

Yes. You must deposit $200,000 which you will be refunded after conducting a business.

6-When do I have to pay the deposit?

After passing the interview.

7- What is amount of investment?

Minimum $150,000

8- Does it have interview?

Yes. Interview location varies based on province decision.

9-Do I need IELTS?

Yes.4 in each skill

10-Do I need to do exploratory visit?

Yes. You must go in 5 day trip there.

11-How much time do I have in order to conduct my business?

You have two years to do it and after that you will get your deposit back.

12-Do I get my deposit back definitely?

Yes, but not in case of residing in other provinces or not investing in Prince Edward.

13-How this province evaluates the applicant?

You should have at least 50 scores which you get it through your business plan, IELTS and exploratory visit.

14-Do I have to live in Prince Edward?

Yes. Otherwise you will lose your deposit


  • Obtaining permanent residency directly.
  • Refunding one-fourth of deposit before investment.
  • Low investment required.
  • Exploratory visit before deposit.
  • Short processing time in comparison to the other provinces.
  • Simple scoring system as if most applicants can get minimum score.

How to apply

Stage 1:

Signing contract with Odyssey

Stage 2:

Business plan will be written meanwhile applying for exploratory visa

Stage 3:

Once applicant achieves IELTS, he/she will be registered to be evaluated and selected in case of obtaining score of 135 or more.

Stage 4:

As soon as the applicant is selected he/she has only three months to complete the documents; once immigration department receives them, the applicant will be invited for interview.

Stage 5:

The applicant will be prepared for interview by Odyssey in which he/she is supposed to defend the business plan

Stage 6:

In case of passing the interview the applicant must deposit $200,000, after a few months permanent residency will be issued for applicant and his/her family.

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