Ontario is one if major provinces in Canada.

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Ontario is one if major provinces in Canada. Most important cities in this province are Ottawa which is capital city of Canada and Toronto which is the most populous city of Canada. Ontario is bordered by Quebec province to the east, by the Great Lakes region of the United States to the south, from the west by Manitoba.

Eligibility for Applicant

New Entrepreneur program of Ontario

This program is for those people who have business or business management experience outside Canada:

Basic requirements:

Working experience

  1. Having at least 36 months experience in last 60 months in which 12 months should be in the field of proposed business.
  2. Working experience must be as business owner or senior manager.
  3. Applicant either has to be introduced as business owner or senior manager.

Net Worth

  1. In case your proposed business in Toronto, You must have $1,500,000
  2. In case your proposed business is outside of Toronto, You must have $800,000`

 Personal investment funds

  1. In case your proposed business in Toronto, you must make personal investment of $1,000,000 and have minimum of %33.3 of ownership
  2. In case your proposed business is Toronto, you must make personal investment of $500,000 and have minimum of %33.3 of ownership
  3. In case your proposed business is about IT and Digital Communications, you must make personal investment of $500,000 and have minimum of %33.3 of ownership 

Job Creation

Applicant must create at least two full time jobs in his business.

Business-related trip

1- In case you intend to buy a business in Ontario, he/she must have been on business-related trip in last 12 months in Ontario to visit the business.

2- Applicant must meet all above requirements in order to apply for Ontario. In case applicant’s business partner intends to immigrate, he will also have to meet the same requirements.

General business requirements

In addition to above requirements, applicant must also meet these general requirements:

  1. Business income should be through product sales or providing service.
  2. Major income must be earned through main business activity.
  3. Proposed business must obey Canadian laws and obtains all necessary licenses.
  4. Proposed business must have quality of permanent business in Ontario.

 Investment Requirements in Ontario 

In case applicant intends to invest on existing business in Ontario, he/she must meet these requirements in addition to mentioned requirements above:

1- Existing business should have been active at least for 60 months being purchased and owners must be specified.

2-The ownership of business must be completely transferred to applicant.

3- The business must not belong to those immigrants who are still in process of entrepreneurship.

4-Applicant must keep current employees in the business, moreover he must employ two more new people.

5-Apploicant must prove in the business plan that he/she intends to develop the current business.

Requirements for obtaining permanent residency

Applicant should meet these requirements after establishing business at the time of applying for permanent residency:

1- Language proficiency should be at least CLB4 or

  1. IELTS 4.5 or TEF 145-180 Listening
  2. IELTS 4 or TEF 121-150 Reading
  3. IELTS 5 or TEF 181-225 Writing
  4. IELTS 5 or TEF 181-225 Speaking

2- Applicant should have been residing least 9 months in Ontario.

Scoring system

Applicant is able to gain in three groups which maximum is 170 :

1- Work experience


3-Personal skills

All maximum scores are in this table separately:

Section Score
Working Experience 50
Investment 100
Personal skills 20
Total 170



Inappropriate Business in Toronto 

  • Active franchised store.
  • Gas station.
  • Recycling tires.
  • Metal scrap recycling.
  • Tire recycling
  • Hostel
  • Mechanized Carwash
  • Mechanized Laundry


Inappropriate Business outside Toronto 

  • Metal scrap recycling.
  • Mechanized Carwash
  • Mechanized Laundry
  • Tire recycling

There is score table in this method of immigration in which those who gain enough scores are in priority of evaluation.


1-What kind of visa can I get through this method?

In case you establish a business you will gain permanent residency.

2-Do I need working experience?

Applicant should have 3 years in last 5 years in which 1 year must be in field of proposed business.

3-Does it have exploratory trip?

In case you have a plan to buy existing business, you should have been in Ontario for researching about business.

4- What are requirements for established business?

  • Main income should be earned through sales or offering services
  • Main income should be earned through main business activity
  • Proposed business must obey Canadian Laws and obtains all necessary licenses
  • Proposed business have quality of permanent business in Ontario

5- What are requirements to gain Permanent Residency in Ontario?

After establishing a business in Ontario he must be able to present IELTS 5 certificate (Minimum 5 in Speaking, Writing, Listening and 4in Reading).Furthermore applicant should have lived in Ontario at least for 9 months.

6- How much time do I have to establish a business?

2 years

Advantages of Ontario PNP

  • You will gain permanent Residency, in case of establishing a business
  • The province will issue you exploratory visa in case you want to buy a business
  • Exploratory trip could be more than once, each trip increases the score
  • There is no need for any deposit whatsoever

How to apply

Stage 1: Obtaining exploratory visit which will be done by Odyssey

Stage 2: Odyssey will take submit your file and it will be in the list which is sorted by scores. Those applicant with high scores will be on the top.

Stage 3: Applicant will be selected for interview after 6-10 months.

Stage 4: Applicant will defend his/her business plan in interview.

Stage 5: Sending documents for issuing two-year working visa.

Stage 6: After entry to Ontario, applicant will establish the business in Ontario in two years.

Stage 7: After two years in which applicant’s business will be established he/she can apply for permanent residency.

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