New Brunswick

One of the most beautiful provinces in the East

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About New Brunswick

Largest city : Saint John
Total : 72,908 km²
Water : 1,458 km²
Population : 750,851
Density : 10.48/km²
Flower : Purple Violet
Tree : Balsam Fir
Bird : Black-capped Chickadee

One of the most beautiful provinces in the East, %80 of the area is green woods. This province is not very cold in winter (0-11 degree) and in summer (20-30 degree).This province has the greatest universities in Canada such as University of New Brunswick and Moncton University.


  • Applicant’s age must be 22 to 55
  • At least two years of education after middle school
  • IELTS band score of 5(5 for Each skill)
  • Must have daily management position
  • Must have approved business plan which demonstrate how useful is the business for this province
  • Having net asset of minimum $600,000 of which $300,000 must be in cash
  • Having 3 years of management experience in last 5 years and minimum %33 of a business ownership  or having 5 years of superior management experience in a business
  • Demonstrating interest to live permanently in New Brunswick while having ownership of a business
  • Proposing a business to be profitable for province


1-Do I have to exploratory visit before applying?

No. It is optional trip but it is recommended.

2- How long does it take to receive my Nomination Certificate and what factors could delay that?

Based on experience you will receive that 6 months after registration and any factor could delay that.

3-May I change my business plan after settling in New Brunswick?

You just can do it in case you obtain all permits from Business Settlement Office

4-What should I do if I need more than two years?

In some cases based on business conditions more than two years could be permitted, but must be applied officially before

5-What will happen I cannot conduct the business as it was planned?

The province will confiscate your $100,000 deposit

6-What costs do I have to bear?

There is $2000 application fee which is refundable. In case of approval at the initial stage, you bear all costs of federal processing and will receive permanent residency. You will be informed about costs details after initial approval.

7-Should I sell my properties after initial approval and prior to my permanent residency?

No. Do not quit your job and sell anything

8- Will I be rejected if I announce that I have relative in other provinces?

You will declare in Declaration of Intent application that you intend to live in that province along with your family member regardless of having relative in other provinces. It is your responsibility to assure the province that you will live there, for example if one of your child is student in other provinces you should bring her/him to New Brunswick for education

9- Do I need IELTS?

Yes. At least IELTS 5

10-What kind of business will be evaluated?

  • Those business with minimum of $250,000 investment which include tangible asset such as property, vehicle for business, furniture, office, equipment, etc.
  • Investing on private property such as house, car, are not acceptable.
  • Investing in which target is passive income is not acceptable.

Business activities specifications:

  • Your business must be active and ongoing in New Brunswick
  • You must be manager of your business in New Brunswick domestically not remotely
  • Your business must be economically effective for this province and you should be able to manage that.
  • New Brunswick requires a business which can be profitable does not accept inactive business

Advantages of investment in New Brunswick:

  • Costs of this method is lower in comparison to the other provincial investment
  • Processing time for permanent residency is rather short.
  • Permanent residency at the arrival
  • Applicant already know what he/she wants to do in business which is written in business plan
  • New Brunswick is low populated province which is potential for developing and investment

How to apply:

Stage 1: Consulting and signing a contract with Odyssey

Stage 2:

 Business plan is getting prepared by Odyssey as well as obtaining exploratory visa, meanwhile client has enough time to achieve IELTS 5

Stage 3:

 Client will do exploratory visit, he/she will have an interpreter who will accompany the client to different places such as Fredericton and Saint John. During the trip client should not leave New Brunswick to visit major cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. It is worth to mention that NB hold some seminars in some countries such as The Philippines, Vietnam, UAE which in case of client’s attendance in these seminars there is no need to do exploratory visit.

Stage 4:

After exploratory visit and getting IELTS 5 client’s profile gets registered and those applicant who have enough score will be selected (at least 65 score).It is worth mentioning that those who have more scores have higher chance to be selected.

Stage 5:

 After sending documents to competitive environment, client will be invited to interview in few months if there are not many competitors.

Stage 6:

 Interview will be held in English through Skype or in person in New Brunswick which Odyssey will prepare client for that. Applicant must defend his/her business plan in this interview.

Stage 7:

After passing the interview stage a contract will be signed between applicant and NB immigration department in which applicant has to deposit $100,000 as bond to NB immigration. Applicant must establish the business with minimum $250,000 as well as employing one person.

Stage 8: Obtaining permanent residency of Canada for client and his/her family member under 22.

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