work permitted visa for Germany

One of the fastest ways for obtaining a work permitted visa for Germany, is using from the Job-Seeker visa. In this way you will find the chance of entering to Germany in a 6 month period for finding a job. During these 6 months you are allowed to […]

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Express Entry

A new system of immigration called “Express Entry” was announced by Canada immigration office in Jan. 2015, for facilitating of expert work forces migration and permanent residency obtainment. This system contains 2 steps: at first applicants should […]

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investment program for business

One of the ways for immigration to Canada and obtaining its permanent residency lies in the states entrepreneurship and investment program for business people and managers with work experience and desired assets. These programs are aimed to develop […]

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Education in Canada

Canada is one of the pioneers of investment in Education. This policy has enhanced the quality of educational institutes in this country. Based on Canada immigration office there are more than 150 thousand of students from different levels of education […]

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Quebec Immigration Investment Program

Quebec Immigration Investment Program (QIIP) is one of the most assured paths for obtaining Canada residency. Due to the huge number of applicants, Quebec State has rationalized this program. Obtaining Canada permanent residency through the QIIP comparing to […]

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Canada Tourist visa

Canada Tourist visa is usually issued in one of the forms of a single/multiple entry visa or the regular 5-years visas. For Iranian applicants the tourist visa is usually issued as a single entry visa (for the desired time duration of applicant) or as a multiple entry […]

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work permitted visa for Germany, investment program for business, Quebec Immigration Investment Program, Education in Canada

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canadian tourist visa

One of the important steps which an applicant should take is getting Canadian tourist visa, but before doing anything knowing these issues are very important: Tourist visa holder cannot work in Canada and is not considered residency. Property could be also purchased by this visa, and in some cases bank account could be opened or

Why should we choose Montreal?

Montreal is one the biggest city in Canada, and second major city and 15th biggest city in North America. More than %67 of population are Francophone. You can immigrate to Montreal through investment and without language certificate. Beside the beauty of this city, low living costs, property, education could be major reason to live in

Portugal Residency

Located in southwestern Europe, Portugal is one of the developed countries which is a member of EU since 1986. Lisbon is the capital and Portuguese is the official language. Having 10.5 million population, Roman Catholic is the dominant religion....

Job Seeker Visa

Another way leading you to rapidly obtain a work permit in Germany, is a job seeker visa which entitles you to stay and look for a job in any city of the country during a time period of 6 months. After getting a job


Saskatchewan, land of the living skies , is flat, fertile and beautiful province which is considered as most important region of agriculture business in Canada for its vast farming land. Affordable land price  ,modern equipment establish...

Prince Edward

Prince Edward Island welcomes the newcomers who are interested in enjoying living opportunities in the smallest province in Canada. Prince Edward is an island located in Saint Lawrence Bay. This province was discovered by ....
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